Dear Mr Seay-


Wicca Davidson, who helped us buy a house for our daughter and son-in-law last year, just helped us sell it. 


These were our tenth and eleventh real estate transactions so we are no newcomers to the real estate process.  And I just want to let you know

that Wicca is by far the most outstanding realtor we have ever dealt with. 


Wicca went so above and beyond the call of duty to get this house ready and onto the market that I can hardly recount all she did.  The house was

not in great shape when we bought it.  The idea was that the young couple was going to fix it up.  Instead, they broke up in a messy divorce and

left us with a disaster.  Not just a bad house, but a bad house in worse shape than it had been before,  full of furniture neither one wanted

plus trash.


I first talked to her about putting the house on the market on July 6. Between then and today, she arranged to empty the house of furniture and

trash, redid 2 bathrooms, spruced up and re-floored  the kitchen, ripped out bad paneling and had the house repainted.  She arranged it so all of

it was done at very low cost--less than the cost we had been quoted to do one bathroom.  She got the house on the market at a great price, staged

it, held an open house, got us two offers, helped us negotiate with both potential buyers in an honest, ethical and straight forward way and got

us a great deal in the end.


We closed today, less than 2 months after we first talked to her about getting rid of an awful little disaster--and we sold a lovely little home

to a nice young couple.


Wicca is a wonder woman!


You are so lucky to have her among your agents!



Judith Gelman=